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Research and Development at Bodotex is central to meeting the challenges of today and the future, challenges which centre around the ever increasing rapidity of change in Bodotex’s traditional markets of Composites and the world of brand new opportunity presented by high value emerging developments in and to enable a strongly sustainable presence in these growth high tech markets.

New challenges abound also in addressing the change of economic balance geographically from a progressively investment limited Western world toward the cash and resource richer regions of Southern Africa, Asia and South America. 

Amongst our opportunities are also responses to the pressures that are and will increasingly be experienced as mankind learns to manage one of the most important life-sustaining resources – water. It is important in parallel to research how to tap into the sustainable use of resources throughout Bodotex’s product cycle and logistic chain.

Bodotex has since 2004 developed its own original design epoxy resin systems for all types of industries. 

From basic ambient curing hand layup resins to high TG Mould Infusion Resins Bodotex offers a wide range of original content and designed Epoxy Resin systems under the Brand Bodopox® & Bodo®cure

Bodopox® designs are owned and developed in our labs and are is used in a wide variety of applications in the EMEA regions. 

Bodopox® - Epoxy Resin Systems together with our extensive range of Bodo®cure curing range are applicable typically into the following applications or configurations: 



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