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Bodotex offers consultancy services and guidance, in particular, regarding the development of VARTM and RTM light processes, in epoxy process equipment and development of customised epoxy types. We also offer assistance and guidance for mould design and help find the expertise required for each task.

We have many years' experience in the production of composite items, large aswell as small. At major and long-term tasks, the task is usually described in cooperation with the customer after which the task is carried out based on the service agreed.

We would like to hear about your challenges and would like to help meeting them, through either ordinary assistance and guidance or in agreed consultancy services, for example studies of floating fronts for vacuum moulding.

We have excellent facilities available, in particular for the vacuum process.

Need consultancy within biocides?

Dont worry - we have an external expert affiliated as a consultant, that you can contact with any given question!

Piet Blancquaert

  • +32 476 21 44 01
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