Vision & Mission


  • -Bodotex wishes to be the preferred strategic partner within innovative and technological
    solutions within wind & water 


  • -To be the preferred partner for our suppliers and customers 
  • -To create innovative & technological solutions
  • -To be conscious of our social and environmental impact   


  • - We work after a "24 hour response principle", which means that we always strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours
  • - Creating innovative value - we follow the development in the market and seek to become frontrunners so that we will be able to offer our costumers the newest within their sectors. 
  • - We educate, develop and motivate all our colleagues in Bodotex, and delegate responsibility.
  • - We involve our colleagues in our quality work and raise awareness of the individuals contribution to the quality of the end product.


  • -Bodotex delivers innovative solutions where we commit to minimizing environmental impacts and always work to protect and prevent pollution.
  • -We have a responsibility..
    -Which is why we always work on green solutions, that will protect the environment 



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Ferrarivej 4
DK - 7100 Vejle
Tlf.: 76 40 89 99