About Bodotex

Bodotex specializes in the manufacture of epoxy resin products for composite industries such as wind, offshore, construction and potable water pipelines. Our in-house R&D laboratory and our strong global collaborative network has set our footprint in becoming an innovative and preferred partner in these industries.

Bodotex has become a significant player in the distribution of chemical goods in the Nordic countries. Bodotex supplies a wide range of industries such as Personal Care, Construction, Paints & Coatings, Adhesives and the Chemical & Composite industry.

Bodotex bygning

The History of Bodotex

Bodotex was established in 1954 with roots in the textile industry. Ever since then, Bodotex has built a strong reputation as a trusted supplier of reliable high-quality products and services.


Since 2004 Bodotex has developed its own original design of epoxy resin systems for all types of industries. Bodotex also distributes a wide range of products for various chemicals industries.


Bodotex developed into a cluster of Specialist Business units that focus on chemicals and composites through two companies Bodotex International A/S and Bodotex Composites Aps.

 During the spring of 2018, Bodotex merged the two companies into one operational unit: Bodotex A/S.


Bodotex Composites Pty (Ltd) in South Africa was established in 2014 for the purpose of fulfilling our mission of transferring our world-class technology and skills to the fast-developing composite demand in South Africa.


In 2020 Bodotex was ISO9001;2015 certified. Through the decades Bodotex has adapted its business to keep pace with the evolving needs of our customers. We are an innovative, trusted and service-minded partner.