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Welcome to Bodotex Composites


Today Bodotex Composites is a significant supplier to the composite industry.

Development and production of epoxysystems for all kind of industries like blades for windturbines, moulding, yachts and other industrial products is a core part of Bodotex Composites.

Bodotex Composites has a large variaty of standard systems, some of which are approved by Germanischer LLoyds. Next to the standard systems Bodotex Composites engineers customer specific systems.

Bodotex Composites has developed a complete system for Vacuum-injected casting, which is used world wide for the production of windmill-wings. Producers i Europe, Asia, US and Southamerica have found the system to be ideal and reliable.

Well known ship yards like Luffe Yachts (DK) and Baltic (FIN) have chosen the vacuum-injecting system from Bodotex Composites.

Bodotex Composites is producing, importing and selling end-grain Balsa Wood Panels. The production is in Ecuador and Bodotex Composites have full control over the proces from drying over QM to packaging of the finished panels. The quality is high and uniform due to the full integration.

Size vary from 3/8” to 1.1/4” in thickness of the panels.

Bodotex Composites also supplies PVC core materials for the vacuum injection. The rigid panels can delivered  from 40 kg/m3 to 130 kg/m3 , with or without grooves, with or without perforation, cut or uncut.

Please contact for customer specific variations.

Bodotex Composites sell resin mixing equipment in cooperation with Composite-Integration (UK). The machines can be used with any 2-component product like Epoxy or Polyester. The machines are used for on-site mixing and range from the smallest 3-4 kg/min to large automated industrial installations with variable addition of hardener, addition of colourpastes and a choice of program fitted to the individual form.