Epoxy Resins By Bodotex Composites

Development and production 

Bodotex has since 2004 developed its own original design epoxy resin systems for all types of industries. 

From Basic Ambient curing Hand layup resins to High TG Mould Infusion Resins Bodotex offers a wide range of Original Content and designed Epoxy Resin systems under the Brand BODOPOX & BODOCURE

BODOPOX designs are owned and developed in our labs and are used in a wide variety of applications in the EMEA regions. BODOPOX - Epoxy Resin Systems together with our extensive range of BODOCURE are typically used with the following configurations: 

  • Vacuum Infusion Resin Systems 

  • Hand layup Resin Systems

  • Tooling Resin Systems High TG

  • Extrusion Epoxies Systems

  • Filament Winding Epoxies Systems

  • UV Absorbing Epoxy Systems

  • Bisphenol Free Epoxy Systems

  • Stone Impregnation Systems 

  • Flooring Epoxies

Bodopox Resins and curing agents are used in Wind Turbine Blade Moulding, Marine applications for Tooling and Infusion, Defence applications and Pipe Repair technology, as well as a wide industrial application of our Epoxy Products 

Bodotex Composites has a large variety of standard systems. 

Next to the standard systems, Bodotex Composites engineers customer specific systems so please ask, we can match a wide variety of applications.

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